Why bracelets?

Once upon a time Ho'omālamalama was on her way to meet-up with a fitness friend when a drunk driver crossed into her lane. His headlights were parallel to hers and with only seconds to spare she swerved to avoid him. This put her in harms way because she was in the wrong lane. The only thing that stopped her car from spinning out of control, was a deep ditch that swallowed her vehicle in a patch of blackberry bushes. 

"Everything happened in seconds but the healing will take time."

It was during this time that she nourished her mind by listening or reading happy books, blogs & YouTube vlogs. This was when she came across the deeper meanings of precious stones, colors and numbers. Everything has a purpose and little things can have great intention. That opened the flood-gate to her aha moment.

"What if I could wear something that would remind my subconscious that I'm powerful, vibrant and healthy." This was the beginning.

Jewelry for your