MANA Wahine Fitness

Online Fitness + Foodie Program

We Plan

Each four week session starts & ends with a 1:1 chat with Ho'o. The goal is to create a plan of intentions & strategize the coming weeks. 

We Schedule

Your first conversation will provide the outline for success. This will make it easy to schedule, plan & form a working calendar.

We Succeed

All you have to do is relax & follow through. Each day together will take you closer to achieving your goals. Ready to start?
 Are you spending more time on everyone elses needs?

Need someone to walk/run with you?

Wish there was a program that inspired you to eat well & stay fit?

Ready to invest in your transformation? 

Program Details


Meet your coach, Ho'o (ho-Oh)

As a Plate By Zumba® coach and Registered Nutritional Consultant [RNC] I have the awesome opportunity to be your holistic lifestyle & fitness coach, offering you a fit-to-lifestyle type of approach. In other words it's fashioned to fit your lifestyle.

If diet fads are confusing and overwhelming then you're going to love this offer.

No experience necessary.

I can't wait to work with you, PEACE Be the Journey...


ZUMBA® with Patience & Ho'omalamalama (Ho'o) 

About - Learn about Ho'o  here . Learn about Paish here .

"5min Burst" - The science of turning your body from a sugar burner into a fat burner. These are done through a private Facebook group page. You can watch the Livestream at 6am PST or replay according to your time zone & sleep schedule.

Bad Weather or Misc Closures - In the event of having to cancel a class we will reschedule a make up session. We also observe school closures & federal holidays & plan accordingly. We want to make sure that we fulfill a four week workout. 

Coaching Calls -  Having someone listen to your dreams & aspirations then follow up with a plan of action. This is what you can expect from a 1:1 coaching session with Ho'o. We strategize your holistic lifestyle together. [Online Fit Foodie Program -or- Bundle]

Community - MANA Wahine on Facebook is a private group page. This is where you can join a 6am "5min Burst" through Livestream or watch the replay. We also host random wellness rants & beauty tips. We reserve the right to remove anyone who isn't sharing positive vibes.

Enrollment - All sales are final, we do not reimburse or carry over unused portions of your class fees. We charge for the month in advance & it is your responsibility to attend your sessions.

Fit Foodie Program - Online class sharing the basic fundamentals to healthy weight management. Often it's our eating habits that deters a sweaty workout. This program allows you to work with a coach while accessing important information at your convenience through the e-class. It's fuel for your mind.

STRONG By Zumba® - It's nothing like the parent company Zumba®. In fact they created a separate website & licensing program for SBZ. Preview a session  here .

Weekly Schedule - Tuesday & Thursday are in studio classes. Monday, Wednesday & Friday are home challenge days  where we post it via Facebook.

Zumba® - With all the dance fitness fads out in the world the Zumba® format plus music combination is still the best. Over 10+ years in the industry they're always innovating. Preview a song here.