& their Meanings

AFRICAN OPAL: Cultivate creativity, insight and inspiration, promotes inner peace.

AFRICAN TURQUOISE: The stone of evolution, energy & excitment for the NEW.

AGATE: Eliminating negativity in the mind, to flourish in ones authenticity

AMAZONITE: To balance your intuition with your intellect, promoting self reliance.

AMETHYST: A calming stone that protects & promotes confidence, love & beauty.

APATITE: Expands truth & clears confusion to manifest ones pursuits. Connection.

AQUAMARINE: Inspires truth, trust and letting go, both calming & soothing. 

FLUORITE: The "Genius Stone" boost your absorption & discernment. Unlimited.

JADE: Elevating one to live at their highest potential. Protecting health & wealth.

JASPER: To face difficult situations with the grounded ability to succeed

LAPIS LAZULI: Brings clarity & stimulates creativity. Provides harmony & truth.

MOONSTONE: Wisdome of the moon as it calmly wanes through transitions.

MORGANITE: It suports you through past pain to learn, grow & reach your potential.

RED CORAL: Promotes peace, facilitates intuition & accelerates knowledge.

TIGERS EYE: Release fear & anxiety bringing balance, while aiding in focus.

TOURMALINE QUARTZ: Protection & healing, turning negative into positive.

YELLOW JADE: A rare stone to harness self sufficiency & achievement.