Life after stage-4 cancer [uterus, lungs & bladder] & active Mom of 8 lovely children. Two of them born after recovery. ​"For with God all things are possible."

Today she teaches dance, dance fitness & planner fun.

Patience was introduced to Polynesian culture as an energetic and attentive 2 1/2 year old by her parents. Right away her love for the drums of the islands and melodic ukulele became her lullaby. She had such a great passion, as a toddler, that when asked "What do you want to be?" Her answer was always...“I want to be a dancer!"

In time she began to appreciate the diversity of dance and the cultures that created the rhythms of life. Her love for dancing soon blossomed into a devotion to learn more about her own culture, Hawaiian, eventually branching into the Polynesian Triangle: Tahitian, Maori and Samoan. As a result she would challenge herself daily, to be the best dancer and practiced religiously. 

At fifteen [15] she started taking on the roll of "Instructor" and began conducting classes for the culture exchange group known as Children Of Polynesia. As an adult this opened the door to a teaching position in Tokyo, Japan. Hula lessons were taught 6 days a week, 3-5 classes a day with 10-20 students at a time. This experience revealed a reverence of Japanese culture and how they show respect, dedication and honor. A perspective she would keep with her when she returned home. 

Today you'll find her teaching an energetic Zumba® class or hosting a planner party.