LA'AU - plant or tree
HONUA - the earth
MANA - strength
PIKO - the center 
The MANA MOOD Bead collection come in five categories and have some unique qualities to them. The original reason, as to why they were created, started from an unforeseen moment of inspiration.

The creator, Ho'omālamalama, was recovering from a motor accident. She maneuvered her 4Runner away from a drunk driver that crossed into her lane as she swerved oncoming traffic. The only thing that stopped her car from spinning out of control, was a deep ditch that swallowed her vehicle in a nest of blackberry bushes. Everything happens in seconds but the healing seems to take time. 

It was during this time that she nourished her mind with listening or reading happy things. This was when she came across the deeper meanings of precious stones, colors and numbers. Everything has a purpose and little things can have great intention. It's what our subconscious minds create that makes all the difference. Then she had her 'aha moment.'

"What if I could wear something that would remind my subconscious that I'm powerful, healed and healthy."

This was the beginning.
The center is always a color changing mood bead. And bracelets are typically made during a full moon or new moon, for an added touch.

LA'AU - Represents the power of plants and trees. This wood grain stone reflects the greatest thought from Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food."

HONUA - Is the five (5) elements lava stone bracelet, talk about intention. There's wood > fire > earth > metal > water. Each feeding the next in a healthy Feng Shui balance. Lava represents water and encompasses the entire bracelet. (In Hawaiian honua is the earth.)

MANA - Is the strength that is handed down from one generation to another. The ability to look within and gather inspiration. Some of the stones used have been Canadian jade, tigers eye, amethyst and fluorite. Each stone carry their own unique qualities.

PIKO - In Hawaiian vocabulary a piko is the belly button and it's significance is deep. From the piko came the umbilical cord, the center of life and nourishment. This simple bracelet carries the mood bead along with two balancing stones. It represents the power of knowing.

 - The life force. This is the sound of our breath as our powerful hearts circulate. The place of creation and possibilities.
For Your Information

Everything on this website is for educational purposes only.  It has been a long standing tradition for cultures around the world to impart great value upon stones. These bracelets represent human value and what we choose to believe. 

The brain is a wondrous and glorious organ, it's also the center of our nervous system. Each creation blends Hawaiian values of Aloha [love], Pono [righteousness] & 'Ike [knowledge] into it. They're created from a happy heart and the result of a full moon.
Honorable mentions according to some of the newer MANA Mood Bracelets.
[ #13 = Phases of the Moon ]
[ #14 = Freedom ]
[ #15 = The Innovator ]

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