Ho'omālamalama: Hawaiian word, to enlighten.  
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Polynesian Classes
Polynesian performing arts located in the Pacific Northwest.
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Polynesian Workshops

Iorana, Kia Ora, Mālō e lelei, Talofa lava and Aloha... The Polynesian triangle is full of cultural traditions that are kept alive through song and dance. It is our mission to preserve the heritage through performing arts where we incorporate history, language, music and storytelling. Experience and time have taught us some very valuable lessons which now govern how we manage MANAIA Ohana (MO). We offer FREE experiences through Livestream & YouTube but class expectations are...

  •  We have a two hour practice, usually Saturday's at Payette's School of Dance. (Fall-Spring)
  • ​ We have a one hour virtual class, on Tuesday or Thursday for language and history. (Fall)
  •  We have a MO home requirements of 15 minutes daily practice. (Mon. - Fri. for basics.)  
  •  We have MO uniforms that are required and are an additional fee.
  •  We welcome ages 5 plus, all ethnic backgrounds, gender, religious affiliation. One big Ohana.
  •  ​Our members are required to have at least one year experience with MO before transitioning into CET. 
  •  Our MO Cultural Exchange Team (CET) is different from our MO Membership. The latter is our new students. 
  •  Our members sign a commitment form with a non-disclosure clause and image waivers. 
  • ​ If you are interested in learning Polynesian dance as a hobby try which is a list of other groups. 
  •  If intense moments of learning sound exciting and you want a long term commitment then welcome. 
  •  If spending three hours or more per week to perfect your knowledge and skill level send us an email.

​Our members understand the price of dedication and have had the opportunity to travel professionally because of it. How we conduct ourselves at home is just as important as our attitude during class. Which extends into our relationship to elders and the environment. We are a holistic Ohana.

Class Fees:
    Monthly Sessions $65
    Wahine Uniform    $50
    Kane Uniform        $30

    2 Hours weekly training
    1 MO workbook & chart

Does Not Include:
    Performance attire   

We organize guest instructors from other islands to come and teach.

We host events that are free to MO members.

We teach entrepreneurship and cultivate fundraising opportunities.

Community outreach program.
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October 28, 2017