In 60 minutes she will show you how to create a FOOD, FITNESS, FUN & SELF-CARE PLAN that will benefit your body throughout the year.

1. Informative slides with Ho'o guiding you through the process. 

2. Download and use the PDF printable along with the e-course.

3. You can pause, rewind and replay the session at your convenience. 

4. Invite someone to participate with you

5. Find out which emoji best describes your food, fitness and fun mood.
Exploring our, "why" as in why-we-do-anything comes from the early stages of a habit.

Habits reveal so much about our life-style and environment. Which is obvious right? Well... not always. 

It's not obvious because we're not paying attention to ourselves. 

We're too busy looking after others to notice what's going on right under our noses.

Which is why I created a free pdf called: Habit Tracker. Catchy title right. 

You can even get younger ones involved.
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