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Besides teaching culture & fitness Ho'o came across a tiny problem, she needed a website. After building her initial site she started to get request, but she didn't want to get into web design. Then one day a friend told her, "PLEASE HELP ME, I was charged $thousands for my site and it's not functional! I emailed and no response." Unfortunately, there's a lot of shady dealings, especially if the company is out of state. 

After hearing her story Ho'o knew how to help & set up a sequence of web builds. Basically it's phases that the site will be completed and it was extremely affordable. Ho'o also set up a few meet-ups to show her friend how easy it was to maintain her site. [Basic build @ $375, Usually within a week.]

When designing, Ho'o prefers to work with clients photo's or her own, she has a library of unique pictures. She doesn't use stock photo because the website should reflect the clients service or product 100%. And the biggest difference with Ho'o is that she designs with an artist eye and the heart of a story teller. 

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Beauty, Design & Flow
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"As an artist I can illustrate almost anything except when it came to designing my website. Ho'o is both intuitive and artistic, I can't begin to describe what she did for me but it's captivating. I GET SO MANY COMPLEMENTS."

Payette's build is centered around her art. It's main purpose is to display and connect potential clients. The secondary purpose is as a gateway to her Etsy account.
"I cried when I first saw my website. As a motivational speaker I wanted something that reflects my unique brand. Ho'o understood what I was trying to convey and left me speechless. I LOVE MY SITE."

Vernita wanted a blog and a way for people to contact and book her. Her first phase consisted of the initial landing page, about page and blog. She has one more rendition on the way.
From the heart. This site is a personal build combining the talents of her Mother and Sister. It's designed as a blog and E-course platform with an email generating system. 

WholelisticFit is a more robust site with a few key elements in place. All the artwork was a collaboration between Ho'o & her husband. The blog has original designs and photo's. 
"Designed with an artist eye and the heart of a storyteller." 
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