Ohana Time

Ohana Time

Coming Soon...

by Ho'omalamalama on 05/22/17

More info here. This is a limited time event. Only during the summer of 2017.

Malama Honua

by Ho'omalamalama on 05/17/17

Hawaiian mindset: MALAMA HONUA - Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.

When fitness becomes holistic.

I’m a kid at heart and a naturalist by birth. So when I was asked to teach a workshop atNorthwest Indigenous Youth Day for Climate Justice NIYDCJ (longest title ever!) I thought about our relationship to nature as it pertains to health. 


My goal was to teach the youth that little things matter and to take time appreciating it. My project involved moss. Yes, the very same moss we step on or totally bypass. The little bits of nature that can be amazing.


We used rocks and recycled old jar covers as the foundation. Than they went to town decoupaging (is that a word?) their own eco-creation. This was the best idea I ever came up with. I had little ones from 2-years old and beyond creating their own oasis.  




  1. Discuss our relationship & responsibility to nature. How the health of our land reflects our own health.
  2. If possible, take them on a hike with gloves, grabbing sticks & trash bags to collect discarded trash that pollute the landscape. Once the trash is in it’s proper place they can move on.
  3. Gather small bits of nature. The goal is to find vegetation that grows quickly and is plentiful. (Aka: moss) Than use decoupage glue on their rocks or recycled lids. 


There were other instructors who taught weaving with cedar and other materials. The day was filled with guest speakers, food and storytelling. Overall I hope they had fun and continue the conversation of home/life sustainability.
The instructor featured above, which happens to be my cousin Mahealani, was teaching lauhala weaving using cedar. Before she would allow the children to participate she taught them about the significance of the material. The purpose was to build awareness of natural resources and to MALAMA HOUNUA. Take care of the land. (Hawaiian saying.)



The best part was munching on these delightful treats called TANKA BARS. OMG ??!!! Just the type of protein bar that I’ve been looking for and wish I had more right now.



TANKA BAR website 


PS: Start your own holistic practice here with a challenge I created to boost your overall health. (Clean eating & intentional fitness.)

Sistahz Soirée

by Ho'omalamalama on 05/05/17

We're extending MOTHER'S DAY because she's worth celebrating! 
To learn more or reserve your spot click HEREGet the behind the scenes HERE.

  • Dance Fitness Session - Bring your water bottle and extra clothes.
  • Catered Food - Hungry after a  session? No worries, we've got you covered.
  • Create - We'll have creation stations set up after you've eaten. T-shirt cutting, DIY sugar-scrub, planner/scrapbook and more.
To provide an experience that involves food, fitness, fun & friendship. 

This event isn't like our regular SISTAHZ SESSIONS where the whole Ohana joins in because we're focusing on the Moms. HAPPY [Extended] MOTHERS DAY  

As you can see we’re happy ?? and it’s the type of happiness that comes from hanging out with positive people. From my limited experience people who practice dance fitness seem to vibe joy. [why?] Because music ?? plus movement is motivational. 

Music ?? plus movement is MOTIVATIONAL.

That statement was profound in my mind, which is why I had to quote it. 

I like practicing other forms of fitness but when it comes to Zumba I happily render my body to intense cardio moments. Lol ??The while premise is that Zumba is more of a party ?? and I’ve noticed how it changes perceptions of fitness.

So last year I conducted fitness events but this year it’s all about the ?? PARTY. Creating a party like experience that will combine food & fitness. Originally I called these SISTAHZ SESSION but this month, in honor of Mothet’s Day, I’m co-hosting SISTAHZ SOIRÉE for the first time. 

Parties with a fitness theme is perfect for any community. It has a way of boosting a  fit lifestyle. 

  1. MIND SHIFT. It tricks our brain into believing that it’s not a workout when it really is.
  2. CELEBRATE. The fun & wow factor takes a mundane task, workout, and turns it into a celebration.
  3. VALUE. Happy events create intrinsic connections that is deeply felt. It sparks a memory of joy.
  4. CONNECTION. Sometimes we feel alone in our struggles of health & fitness. Yet spending time with positive people, who are dancing right with you, is super motivating. 
  5. JUMP START. I’ve seen how a simple dance fitness class can be the gateway to other levels of fitness. 

Kapa Haka Workshop

by Ho'omalamalama on 04/05/17

Spring is in the air and once again we are hosting a Kapa Haka workshop. The purpose of this Maori session is to improve the quality of Kapa Haka in the Pacific Northwest. For serious Polynesian dancers only, the goal is to deliver content that you can use for future performances within your halau or group. To RSVP email get.MANAIA@gmail.com .

MANAIA's fitness classes for MOM'S

by Ho'omalamalama on 03/22/17