Ho'omālamalama: Hawaiian word, to enlighten.  
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When this picture was taken in 2002 Ray & Ho'omālamalama were newlyweds. They walked away from a life of travel, leisure & Polynesian arts into raising a family. Which required regular paychecks, lots of laundry detergent & healthy meals. Ironically the demand of raising seven (7) children created a desire to develop a sustainable Ohana business. 

"Guardians of Polynesian Culture &
 the Creative Soul."

Today they navigate the tricky waters of Ohana balance while raising a new generation of performing artist. MANAIA Design & Production specializes in Kapa Haka, Hula, Ori Tahiti, dance fitness and workshops. Their blog & book is revolutionizing holistic fitness from a cultural perspective.
Together Tutu Mapuana & Tutu Kalani started the earlier version of MANAIA Ohana but it was called Children Of Polynesia in 1993. It was an invitation to perform at a Pow-Wow in Montana that became the catalyst of COP, non-profit culture exchange team. They started Ho'olaule'a gatherings in the Pacific Northwest and created performance teams. 

"For with G-d all things are possible."

​From Virginia to California and Canada nothing was impossible. Then as their children grew up so did COP and in 2006 it was closed to allow the families time to transition. Luckily it returned ten fold in the hearts of their na mo'opuna, grandchildren. Today they are active supporters of MO. You will find them handing out treats to the little ones or on their wellness page link here.

Anake Paish-Paish never stopped dancing even after COP closed in 2006. She carried her Aloha and taught in Japan before returning to the Pacific Northwest to marry her long distance Love. Together they have six (6) children and own Polynesian Bullies, an exotic breed of micro bulldogs.

"MAKE  M A H A L O,  To live in gratitude."

The most astounding part of her life is over coming stage-4 cancer while remaining a woman of faith and integrity. Today she teaches along side of her Hula sister's and continues to inspire us all in dance. If you know someone going through cancer treatments or if you need encouragement please check out her blog #MakeMahalo and her YouTube channel where she devotes her life to uplifting others.

W​ho would have thought that a simple trip to Puyallup's farmers market would result in finding Ohana (family) and starting a business that centers around island lifestyle and food. During the day Anake Mea'ona directs others as a professional in a clinic but her spare time is filled with dreaming up delicious treats and savory meals.

On her spare time she is listing to her favorite Hawaiian music, choreographing hula, traveling to see her daughters performances or sharing a Disney® moment with her husband. Her attention to detail, dedication to preserving Polynesian culture and Aloha spirit is contagious. You will see more of her and Anake Paish-Paish on YouTube in the coming months of 2017.