'A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi. All knowledge is not learned in one school. You can learn from many sources.- quote and Hawaiian language resources can be found on - www.ahapunanaleo.org
Aloha, Aroha, Alofa

Preventive Health & Wellness is literally at your finger tips.

Living long and living strong is not a fad. As the population ages we need to secure our health today. 

This simple test is non evasive and completely pain free. Want to know more? Yes tell me more.
It all started with one hula lesson and today MDP has blossomed into so much more.   
All of MDP's instructors are Polynesian entertainers who've traveled the world and today reside in Tacoma, Washington USA. With their homeland hundreds of miles away they decided to maintain their cultural identity by teaching the art of Polynesian dance and music to their children. Eventually this blossomed into health, wellness and creative workshops. Mahalo for visiting our site. 
Hawaiian culture wouldn't be complete without the Hula, an ancient form of story telling that began as temple worship. This heritage recounts everyday life and the history of Hawaii's Monarchs. 
Ori Tahiti: Body by TAHITI
To'ere drums beat and hips move to the exciting sounds of Tahiti. Much of Ori Tahiti is the secret of a good instructor and if Polynesia had a cardio workout this would be it. We also offer To'ere Drum lessons.
Kapa Haka
Maori culture is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. The groups name MANAIA comes from a mythological creature that watches over it's people in the sky and sea. Aotearoa, New Zealand, is a beautiful blend of  Poi, Haka and much more.
Need Luau entertainment? 
Consider these options...

1. Summer's are busy so book early.
2. Travel fees apply past city limits. (Tacoma)
​3. Host a MDP workshop and become the main attraction at your Luau or event. (Click for more information.)
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Mind + Body + Soul
Ancient Greek philosophy & famous line, "Know thyself" is still relevant today.