Ho'omālamalama: Hawaiian word, to enlighten.  
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Ho'omālamalama: Hawaiian word meaning "To Enlighten" and brighten. It is the name given to the director of MANAIA Ohana and creator of MANAIA Design & Production. [MDP] We chose to use it as our because it fits the feeling behind our site... to ENLIGHTEN. 
NEW Class Schedule:

* Polynesian
 -Open house January TBD

 -9am at Payette's School of 
  Dance [PSD], Puyallup

 -Ages 5+, Saturday

 -Performing & Visual Arts

 -Culture Exchange

* Zumba®

 -8 week food & fitness program

 - Private "small group" sessions

 -Ages 13+, Mon.-Thur.

 -Food coaching & meal prep

 -Fitness & holistic coach
Images, photo and video belong to ©Hoomalamalama All Rights Reserved. Unless otherwise stipulated such as the Zumba® logo which fall under a paid licensing fee. They are not to be reused in any form. Many of the images are from our culture exchanges and travel. Mahalo, thank you, for understanding.