Ho'omālamalama: Hawaiian word, to enlighten.  
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Work With Us

From writing your creative business plan to designing a website system you like and can understand.

We're here to help small businesses grow. Favorite saying, "Buy Local." 

Dance With Us

Pacific Northwest is our home away from home, the islands, and we brought more then our Aloha with us.

We're a Polynesian performing arts team, specializing in Maori, Tahitian and Hawaiian culture. 
Get FIT With Us

We enjoy sharing our passion for Zumba. These sessions are designed to include both food & fitness coaching, along with alternating styles.

"3Months 2 Summer" Friendship, food & fitness. 
Polynesian Dance
During the summer we host a booth to fundraise for 3 DAYS of ALOHA held in Vancouver, WA. Our time at the market allows the children to create, host and market their products to the community. The best part is that 100% of the profits go towards their sessions in Vancouver.

Our goal is to empower our children to work for what they want and not to expect handouts. It's truly a great and empowering experience.
This year we added Ukulele classes which meant that they needed Ukulele's, Lol. And because of their hard work and dedication they were able to purchase their Ukulele[s].

When you visit us at market you might see them practicing around 10am. Come out a jam with us.
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