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Fitness Event November 2016

by Ho'omalamalama on 10/16/16

I get it, we’re all extremely busy but don’t let it derail your fitness plan. Announcing a pre-Thanksgiving fitness concert called

Wobble B4 You Gobble

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Our 1st Fitness Concert, Island Flavor

by Ho'omalamalama on 10/03/16

How to organize a FITNESS CONCERT.

So you want to gather a few people  together and inspire them to get fit. Great! Now what? 

In previous post I shared about participating in  two types of fitness events as a host or sponsor. Both examples I used were long events, averaging six hours, but what if you don’t have that kind of time or capital ($). Then throw a FITNESS CONCERT!

Here are the benefits…

  • You can pack a lot into 90-minutes.
  • Simple theme and set up.
  • Easy to clean up and manage.
  • The focus is on the workout.
  • Don’t have to provide food because it’s only 90-minutes.
  • Don’t have to provide water because it’s only 90-minutes.
  • Party like atmosphere for potential students to feel comfortable.

How to make it happen…

  1. Pick a theme, date, venue and team. In that order.
  2. Theme: choose something relevant or top of mind. (Example: Christmas – “Jingle All The Way” Fitness Concert.)
  3. Date: Weekends are usually crowded but if you plan ahead you can throw a terrific weekday event.
  4. Venue: Location, location, location. It matters.
  5. Team: Volunteers to spread the word and help during the concert. 

Places to market your event…

  • Social Media is a great start but make sure you’re not coming across as spam-ish. 
  • Make short trailers that you can share across many platforms. Twitter, Instagram and  Snapchat have limits on how long your video content can be. (Facebook’s Livestream is pretty fun and almost limitless.)
  • Email your list of followers and give them a sneak peek into your event.
  • Old school fliers still work so post them everywhere.
  • You can also buy ad-space in a local newspaper or guest post on someone else’s blog about your community event.

I shared the event on Instagram and yes I forgot an “s” in subconscious. Grateful for the person who pointed out my mistake, Mahalo Mom. (Lol) 

#1 Tip to make your event awesome…


 That’s the honey to draw your crowd. My thought is that the fitness market is turning out new workouts and dance fitness styles daily but having live music will make your event epic. 

Become a Mermaid and PEACE Be the Journey, Ho’om?lamalama 

You can also read about the inspiration behind the fitness concert here. Hope to see you splashing around in our very own mermaid lagoon.

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MANAIA's first fitness event.

by Ho'omalamalama on 08/17/16

There were two events our team participated in, one we co-hosted and the other we sponsored. This is my take-a-way from both events. First off this post will describe how we co-hosted a wellness movement. The agenda was simple and the idea was to get the community to try different types of fitness styles.

I’ll be the first to admit that 7am yoga is for the truly dedicated. Personally my favorite time to practice is at 6am but that’s after years of training. Yet this crew was pretty awesome because it was a first attempt for many. Impressive!

This style was completely new to me and it consisted of pow-wow music & movements. The two leading the session are a father & son team who have competed in different pow-wow venues throughout North America. This was intense & motivating.

HIIT felt like a bootcamp session but it had a predetermined list of targeted movements that were on a whiteboard while being timed. I would challenge anyone taking their fitness to the next level to try it.

We also had local businesses such as Curves join us. Each resource vendor donated items to our raffle and were able to gather new leads for their businesses. They were an important component of community outreach. 

The highlight was having a representative from a local farmers market share products that are grown & made in Washington state. It was full of delicious berries and so much more.

How to host a Wave Of Wellness or Fitness event in your community.

  1. Gather of team of like minded people who are service driven.
  2. Set up regular meetings and possibly a “private” Facebook page to share any questions, progress or developments.
  3. Pick a place, date, time, budget, teams (set-up, break-down, kitchen, security & registration) and determine resources needed.
  4. Plan your marketing strategy and have everyone share on their social media pages.
  5. Host & have fun. Remember to take lots of pics.

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