'A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi. All knowledge is not learned in one school. You can learn from many sources.- quote and Hawaiian language resources can be found on -

'Ōlelo No'eau
Words of wisdom also known as Hawaiian Proverbs
The basis of all knowledge is handed down from one generation to another. How to live, heal, mourn and celebrate are part of our connection to the past. Nature is full of diversity and uniqueness and shells are a perfect representation of such beauty. Our elders understood that no one is exactly alike but there are certain foundations or principals that are unchanging. Learn about us by clicking here
What is iLove?
After years of teaching dance fitness I recognized one struggle in every single student. It was the ability to have time for herself. As a result I created the iLove program for women who desire meaningful and positive change.

This site is a comfortable approach to fitness, self-discovery and balance. In fact we like what we do so much that we call it "iLove."
How does it work?
First of all you can not change something that you will not acknowledge. Therefore members must commit to the 30-day iLove pledge (learn more). Secondly they'll incorporate the iLove fitness and self-discovery journal simultaneously. Third, they will check in daily with the blog prompts and on our private Facebook page. (We've recently added G+)  

Where can I get the iLove Journal?
We are working on publishing the journals or turning them into ebooks. Here are a few highlights of the iLove Journal...
  • Visible graph of your eating habits.
  • Food group recognition of your daily meals.
  • Built in accountability.
  • Monitor how much water you consume.
  • Nutritional supplementation tracking.
  • Space for collaging, doodles and written reflection.
  • Daily quotes, through the blog, that you can use.
  • 3-One minute meditation videos and response.
  • Before and after measurements.
  • Before and after emotional measurements. 
  • Extremely interactive journal experience.
  • Connection to other women who are using the booklet.
  • BioAge Monitor readings. (Click here to learn more.)

When can I start?
You can start today by yourself or form a group, it's FREE to participate at the self-paced level. Just ask to join and agree to the guidelines. (Join)  

Who can join?
Always consult your physician before starting this program. This group is for women ages pre-teen to active older adult. Our common connection is being "young in heart." 

Should I use supplements?
Always consult your physician before incorporating nutritional supplements. There are product suggestions for you and your household. Since we (women) often shop for everyone.