What's in a name?
MANAIA is a mythical guardian of Maori culture who is known to watch over it's territory & people both in the air and sea. We've adopted it as our logo & name. 

What does MDP design?
We've designed everything from websites to workshops with a little Polynesian flavor of course. We also created a food & fitness program designed to be fun.

What does MDP produce?
In 2006 we started teaching Polynesian Performing Arts & Storytelling. Then in 2018 we added art lessons that incorporate Polynesian elements. Eventually we turned our culture exchange team into MANAIA Ohana, a nonprofit organization.

Who is MANAIA Ohana Organization (MO'O)?
A Ohana (family) friendly Polynesian performing arts team. Members pay monthly dues and attend weekly sessions, where they'll learn Polynesian dance, language, culture, music, stories & regalia making.

What does MO'O do? 
A community based team that performs at various events sharing the stories & dances of Polynesia. We also fundraise to either bring or attend educational workshops that will enhance our students performance.

How does one get involved?
We start all new members in our Hula program & perform in local events. Then after a year, or when their instructor feels ready, they will be invited to join the culture exchange team (CET). In CET they'll learn Maori & Tahitian culture.
Click on the hibiscus to learn about MANAIA Ohana.